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  • When are you open?
    The visitor center is open from Tuesday to Thursday between 10:00 and 15:00, Fridays and Saturdays between 10:00 and 16:00
  • Do you need to reserve in advance?
    It is recommended to reserve our experiences in advance through Tabit
  • Can we come with children to the winery?
    Of course! And they also have lots of space to run around outside between the vineyards, relax on our beanbags on the grass, we offer pizza for kids and freshly squeezed juices.
  • Are dogs welcomed at the winery?
    Yes, and you don't even need to bring a bowl for water - we have one at the entrance to the winery and we make sure to keep it filled.
  • Are the wines kosher?
    Yes, all the wines at Tel Shifon winery are kosher.
  • Is the visitors center kosher?
    The visitors center is open on Saturday. However, all our wines are kosher.
  • Is it possible to hold a kosher event at the winery?
    Yes! This is exactly why we created our food truck - red and beautiful - alongside the winery near the vineyards. Kosher events (company events, weddings etc) can be held in the middle of the week at the winery. By appointment only. Marina 073-385-9382
  • What is a picnic basket?
    You can order a picnic basket through Tabit The basket includes: A large and beautiful picnic basket to take home A checkered tablecloth A bottle of wine of your choice from the Tel Shifon series A collection of Jacob's Dairy cheeses Sourdough bread Salads Spreads Dips 2 wine glasses Cutlery A corkscrew Napkins A travel map with recommendations for beautiful picnic spots in the area A garbage bag (to preserve the pristine nature of the Golan Heights)
  • What is 'Tel Shifon in the morning'?
    A pampering breakfast-brunch for a couple. What does the meal include? 2 cups of coffee A Jacob's Dairy cheese platter Fire-baked sweet potato Salads, dips and spreads Sourdough focaccia 3 tastings of Tel Shifon wines - white, rosé and red You can order through Tabit
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