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Our Story

The wines of Tel Shifon Winery express our creativity, labor and faith in the fascinating growing  area where we grow and create them - in the north of

.the Golan Heights

Our vineyards, which are located in Kibbutz Ortal, enjoy a unique terroir - volcanic soil and a significant winter, accompanied by several, at times quite significant, snow events. This provides the neccessary cold during dormancy to allow for a uniform awakening in the


We believe that the vineyard is part of the environment in which it grows. Therefore, we implement sustainable, responsible and considerate agriculture with minimal intervention and with utmost respect for our surroundings and the evironment


Our winemaker, Yosef (Yossi) Sidon is 37 years old, and has been living with his family in Rosh Pina for over a decade.

I took my first steps in the wine industry shortly before the 2010 vintage at Kishor Winery, and was part of the team that established the winery. At the same time, I combined my work at the winery with wine and vineyard studies at Tel Chai College.

During these wonderful years, I planted vines, expanded my knowledge, and crafted and nurtured my passion for wine. After 5 years, I was appointed manager the renewed Saslove Winery and later, the winemaker. From there, I continued to Bazelet HaGolan and Delta wineries.

Throughout my journey in our amazing wine industry, I have learned about and gained experience on a wide selection of grape varieties, production styles and growing regions. I have planted and nurtured quite a few vineyards with my own hands, and am proud to have taken part in the production of Israeli wines that received great recognition and appreciation.

I arrived at the Tel Shifon Winery about a month before the 2020 vintage, ready for a new and challenging path in the most fascinating and intriguing growing region in Israel - the northen Golan Heights.

Since then, four harvests have passed, in which the scope of the winery's production has doubled, and new plantings have been added in additional nearby areas. These vineyards will provide us with wonderful grapes in the coming years.

Tel Shifon has given me the opportunity to successfully re-establish a young winery with big ambitions.

Yossi Sidon - winemaker of Tel Shifon Winery

Topography and vineyards

The Tel Shifon vineyard was planted in 2010, at an altitude of 915 m above sea level, in the triangle between the Shifon, Avital and Bental mountains, at Kibbutz Ortal and close to the Ein Zivan, Merom Golan and El Rom kibbutzim. The terrace overlooks five extinct volcanoes: Shifon, Yosifon, Hizka, Avital and Bental. 

Our Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc vines are planted on well-drained and rich basalt, clay and tuff soils.

The vineyard enjoys very cold winters with two to three snow events, along with a large amount of precipitation. The summer is mild and relatively dry, with cool nights that allow for slow and moderate ripening of our grapes. The cool climate, combined with the volcanic soil rich in minerals, gives the vines the most ideal growing conditions needed.

Due to the close proximity of the vineyards to the winery itself, we do not need to transport the grapes from far away, with the whole winemaking process taking place in the same area.

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