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Corporate events at the winery

We know how much you care that your employees are satisfied - this is very reason why you organize exciting team days.

But what if the employees won't enjoy it? 

If this is a question that probably comes up, then we have the perfect answer: A team-building day at our winery!

We offer indoor and outdoor seating areas with a breathtaking view, indulgent cheese trays, and most importantly - wine!

Who doesn't enjoy an event with more than enough wine?

Is it possible to have a kosher social event at your place ?

  • Yes, all our wines are kosher

  • We have a great, and kosher, food truck for events

Where you are located?

  • Our winery is located among vineyards in Kibbutz Ortal in the north of the Golan Heights

Now, more than ever, we realize that it is a privilage to plant vines, harvest
.grapes, and make quality wine in Israel 

It is a privilage to open our doors and offer some respite amidst today's

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