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Volcano 2020

Volcano 2020


Varietals: 53% Syrah / 40% Cabernet Sauvignon / 7% Cabernet Franc

Cultivation area: Northern Golan Heights, Tel Shifon vineyard at an altitude of 915 meters above sea level.

Harvest dates: Syrah 8.9.20 / Cabernet Sauvignon 19.9.20 / Cabernet Franc 14.9.20.

Production process: The 2020 vintage, despite being an extremely hot and short vintage, produced

great concentrated wines. The grapes were selected from the best rows in the vineyard that enjoy differences in the soil that allows for restrained growth and small, concentrated clusters.

The different varietals were fermented in separate tanks with each receiving its own attention in order to highlight the desired characteristics that are important to us. The complexity and solid structure of the wine allowed us to age it for 28 months in French oak barrels.

Tasting notes: The wine presents layers of different aromas obtained throughout the production period and from the long aging of the wine, such as berries and summer fruits alongside wet forest floor, roasted coffee and vanilla. The finish is long and delightful. The body is full and solid, which will increase and soften while aging in the bottle.

Volcano 2020 was produced in a limited edition in an exciting vintage year. It is a wine for keeping and enjoying after long cellaring under the right conditions.

Bottling date: 16.2.23

  • Deliveries

    Delivery to Gush Dan within 24 hours

    Delivery to other places 2-5 business days

    There may be changes due to the security situation with our apologies for the inconvenience

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