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Private tour with our winemaker

In front of a breathtaking view, between volcanic mounds and vineyards, enjoy a private and intimate journey with Yossi, Tel Shifon's winemaker.

What's the plan?

  • A vineyard tour with our winemaker

  • A tour of the winery

  • A wine-tasting session with Yossi and an expert bartender 

And what's on the side?

  • Sourdough bread hot from the oven

  • A selection of soft, hard and mild cheeses

  • Salads and dips

Important Information

  • The tour is by reservation only, and operates on weekdays until 15:00

  • Upgrade your hospitality experience by staying in the nearby cabins in Kibbutz Ortal

  • In our wine shop you can buy a variety of our products

Please advise us in advance regarding vegetarian, vegan, and allergy requirements so that we can prepare accordingly.

Price: 185 NIS per person

Yosef Sidon, our winemaker

Yossi. A young winemaker from Rosh Pina succeeding at his first solo appointment. With the faith and trust of the owners, he has a mandate to produce fine wines, and, in collaboration with Ofer the agronomist, to take care of the vineyards.

Yossi and Ofer live and breathe our vineyards, going out into the field as often as possible to check on the vines. Together they make daily decisions that affect the healthy growth and sustainable cultivation of the vineyards, and eventually, the quality of wine in your glass.

Being an estate winery, responsible for our own vineyards, allows Yossi to take care of, care for and caress the vines, which, between us, always give him love back!

Yosef Sidon

Now, more than ever, we realize that it is a privilage to plant vines, harvest

.grapes, and make quality wine in Israel 

It is a privilage to open our doors and offer some respite amidst today's


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