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Tel Shifon White 2022

Tel Shifon White 2022


Varietals: 72% Sauvignon Blanc / 20% Roussanne / 8% Chardonnay

Growing area: Golan Heights

Harvest dates: Sauvignon Blanc 8.8.22 / Roussanne 9.8.22 / Chardonnay 22.8.22

Production process: The Sauvignon Blanc grapes - the base of the wine - were harvested manually at first light at the beginning of August, and the Roussanne a day later. The Chardonnay was harvested towards the end of the month. The grapes were cooled for 24 hours and pressed the next day, the Roussanne in whole bunches while the Sauvignon Blanc and the Chardonnay were destemmed and lightly crushed before pressing. After cold sedimentation of the must, 33% of each variety was transferred into 400 and 500 liter fine toasted French oak barrels (Burgundy and Bordeaux) and fermented and aged on their lees for 5 months. The rest of the wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks at a cold temperature to preserve the aromatics and crispness unique to the different varieties.

Tasting notes: 

White 2022 is a refreshing experience. The body is light and sharp, with refined tropical and lemony aromas alongside nuttiness accompanied by high minerality. The Roussanne is rounded and adds softness and floral notes, green pears and a light honeydew. The Chardonnay comes in as a final spice, the "responsible adult" that strengthens the body of the wine, and adds its own delicate aromas of green apple and nuts.

Bottling date: 26.2.23

  • Deliveries

    Delivery to Gush Dan within 24 hours

    Delivery to other places 2-5 business days

    There may be changes due to the security situation with our apologies for the inconvenience

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