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The House Case

The House Case


The Tel Shifon Winery opening trio, by winemaker Yossi Sidon:
Tel Shifon White 2023, Tel Shifon Rosé 2023 & Tel Shifon Red 2022

Tel Shifon White 2023

Varietals: 90% Sauvignon Blanc / 10% Roussanne

Growing area: Golan Heights

Harvest dates: Roussanne: 8.8.23 / Sauvignon Blanc 08/23

Production process: The Sauvignon Blanc grapes - the basis of the wine - were harvested by hand at 3 different times and at several levels of ripeness in August. The grapes were pressed using several techniques with different maceration times on their skins. About a third of the Sauvignon Blanc was fermented and matured on its lees in large 500-liter French oak barrels, made with a gentle toasting for us in Burgundy, France. The rest of the wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks at a low temperature to preserve the aromatics and freshness unique to the varieties.

Tasting notes: This year the Sauvignon Blanc was given a higher expression in the blend with the addition of Roussanne for subtle seasoning. The Sauvignon Blanc enriches the wine with refined floral aromas, and citrus and herbaceous tones. The Roussanne adds complexity, warmth and slightly expands the narrow structure of the Sauvignon and enriches it with additional and unique aromas of its own. 

Tel Shifon Rosé 2023

Varietals: 45% Syrah / 33% Cinsault / 22% Cabernet Sauvignon

Cultivation area: Golan Heights 

Harvest dates: Cinsault 20.8.23 / Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon 6.9.23

Production process: The Cinsault grapes were harvested by hand early in the morning, cooled for 24 hours and pressed the next day. The juice was decanted after cold settling for fermentation in a stainless steel container. The Syrah and Cabernet were harvested from the eastern plots of the Tel Shifon vineyard, pressed and fermented together in a stainless steel tank at a low temperature to preserve the delicate and fresh aromatics of the wine. 

Tasting notes: Rosé 2023 has a delicate peach color and delicate aromas of spring flowers and summer fruits, a light body and a soft finish.

Tel Shifon Red 2022

Varietals: 56% Merlot / 15% Syrah / 15% Cabernet Franc / 14% Cabernet Sauvignon

Cultivation area: Northern Golan Heights, Tel Shifon vineyard at an altitude of 915 meters above sea level

Harvest dates: 08/22 - 09/22

Production process: The different varieties were harvested manually at dawn in the Tel Shifon vineyard at several different times between the end of August and mid-September. The grapes were quickly delivered to the winery and underwent manual sorting, gentle processing and transfer to stainless steel tanks for a short fermentation. Following fermentation, the wine was transferred into 3,000-liter wooden tanks made for us at Seguin Moreau in France, where it matured for about 16 months.

Tasting notes: This is a blend of all the red varieties we grow at the Tel Shifon vineyard, with Merlot being the base of the wine. This year, the Cabernet Franc received a higher expression in the blend to further lighten the body of the wine and add a graceful and fresh greenness. The wine expresses itself with a pleasant aroma of fresh cherry, wild strawberries and a variety of berries. It has a light earthiness together with a medium body and a soft finish. A great wine to accompany various meals and foods around the world and around the clock.

  • Deliveries

    Delivery to Gush Dan within 24 hours

    Delivery to other places 2-5 business days

    There may be changes due to the security situation with our apologies for the inconvenience

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